10 Common Mistakes When Doing Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can revive surfaces that have seen better days. Tainted by time and the elements, a structure’s appearance often suffers. Mold, grime, dust, algae, and other pollutants tarnish surfaces, losing their luster, and simple water and soap can’t do anything with it. That is why one of the most effective ways to clean up is to use a pressure washer. The pressure washer is an essential tool especially for the homeowners who are having a hard time cleaning their driveway, roof and other surfaces. Wash Buggy offers a service that has a knack for breathing new life into neglected structures and materials using their specialized equipment for a more thorough cleaning. Wash Buggy is one of the most well known pressure washer cleaning services in Delaware that will help you to maintain the cleanliness inside of your home and your surroundings. 

Worker Cleaning Dirty Floor With High Pressure Washer

But if you wanted to give it a try to use a pressure washer on your own, here are some 10 common mistakes when pressure washing that you need to avoid  for less hassle  pressure washing at your home. 

10 Common Mistakes When Pressure Washing That Needs To Avoid:

1. Too Much Pressure

This is one of the common mistakes that you need to avoid when using a pressure washer. Do not use too much pressure because it can lead to sudden damages and accidents. If you want use a professional you can request assistance from Wash Buggy services. Wash Buggy technicians use the proper technique and handle the pressure washer without causing damage to your nearby area. 

2. Washing On Wrong Angle

Washing at the wrong angle may not be able to clean the dirt, molds, and stains on a surface area that you wanted to be cleaned. Be sure to reach your designated area that you wanted to pressure wash, for example: if you wanted to pressure wash your floor, start from the upper area and follow to the down exterior so that you can pressure wash all the surface area without missing a single dirt on it. 

3. Using Only Water

Washbuggy personnel using pressure cleaning

Always remember, to have an effective cleaning by using the pressure washer, always mix the water with a detergent or chemical that is suitable for cleaning purposes. Without the cleaning chemicals you cannot wash away the dirt, molds, and stains. Detergents and cleaning chemicals will work the tough stains and molds so that your pressure washer can clear everything and to achieve its clean and new look as well as it will smell good and fresh around it. 

4. Not Using Protective Gears

The high pressure coming from the pressure washer may cause damages and accidents. You may think that it is only spraying water but the high pressure could cut  flesh and can cause infections. One of the best examples in pressure washing is the technicians of Wash Buggy, they wear proper safety equipment and gear that can protect them from hazards, away from causing accidents. 

5. Using Pressure Washer on Glass Window or Door

Yes, you read it right. Do not use your pressure washer to clean your windows, why? Because the pressure coming from the pressure washing may cause damage and break the glass, that is why it is not recommended to use pressure washing especially on glass windows or doors. If you are wondering what kind of cleaning services that can help you to clean your glass windows and doors ask for help from Wash Buggy Window Cleaning Service. Wash Buggy has appropriate cleaning materials suitable to a respective area to avoid unexpected hazards and damages. 

6. Using Hot Water

Most professional cleaning services often use hot water when cleaning an affected area, but the hot water in pressure washing is typically used for commercial surfaces because it can clean faster, but in residential hot water is not applicable because this can cause damages especially on some items and areas that it is not suitable for the heating process.

7. Not Familiar with the Equipment

If you are not familiar with this kind of equipment, avoid using it. It’s better to do your research first before using this. You can look for this https://washbuggy.com/pressure-washing-dos-and-donts/ this blog can help you on how to properly use the pressure washer and have the idea about it before doing it on your own. 

8. Wrong Nozzle 

The correct nozzle will provide efficient and safer cleaning. Using the wrong nozzle may lead to damages because it is not suitable especially in the area that you need to pressure wash. A pressure washer can produce 1500 – 4000 pounds per square inch (PSI). That is why always using the proper nozzle depends on the surface area that you want to be clean to avoid damages and hazards especially on the person that is using it. 

9. Not Reading the Manual

We have this habit that if we are using equipment we tend to forget to read the manual on how to use the actual equipment. Because of that negligence it may cause danger and hazards and can destroy the equipment because of the mishandling. Always read the manual first before setting up so that you have the idea on how to properly use it. 

10. Trying to Clean the Entire Exterior of the House

Pressure washing is the best way to clean the interior and exterior of your house, but always remember if you are a newbie in using this you might not be able to reach your goals because there are some cleaning materials and equipment that you need to provide not only the pressure washer per se. If you want to do some cleaning but are having a hard time doing so, you can ask for some assistance from the Wash Buggy Cleaning Service. They are professionals when it comes to cleaning services including  residential, commercial and industrial. They have up to date equipment and material suitable for all cleaning areas.


Pressure washing might be hard especially to those persons who are new to it, but you don’t need to worry because you can hire a  professional cleaning service like the Wash Buggy House washing. They can provide the service that you need from a professional cleaning service.