Pressure Cleaning and Reviving A Wood Fence

Before you know it we will be saying goodbye 2022 and welcome 2023! One tradition is to do some final cleaning so that the bad vibes will be gone with the old year and new year’s luck will fill our homes.  In warmer climates, the outside of our homes is a great place to prepare for the new year since the heat of summer is gone but the weather is still warm and inviting.

If you have a wood fence that needs refreshed and revived but you don’t want to replace it, power washing is a great option. 

The classic look of a wood fence is hard to beat.  Its aesthetic design and wood materials makes the fence look timeless and classic especially if you are into an classic vibes and a minimalist person. But over time elements can make your fence dull, dirty and faded. Slimy stains and dirt can make your classic wood fence dark and full of molds and dirt. 

Pressure Washing Old Fence

So, what is the best thing to do? Don’t worry -here are some tips for you on how to pressure clean and revive a wood fence.

Tips to Pressure Wash Your Wood Fences

  1. Pressure washing your wood fences.

Pressure washing your wood fence is the best for you to remove all of the molds and stains. Wood fences are hard to clean because of their stickiness and composition and the pressure of a pressure washer can be most helpful.   But remember, too much power can damage your wood fence. If you are thinking of asking for professional help in Delaware, Washbuggy House Washing is  trained and professional in terms of cleaning not only your house but also on pressure washing your wood fences. Just reach out and Washbuggy can provide free estimate.

Time To Clean The Fence With A Pressure Washer

  1. DIY Cleaning

If you have the equipment and time you can also try cleaning yourself. Here are some suggestions for preparations to make the job easier:

  • Clean up and remove any debris around your fences, remove any objects to avoid accidents such as slip or fall.
  • Close the windows and the doors of your home to keep  dirt and stains outside of  your house. 
  • Cover your plants, electrical outlets and other furniture that is near to your wood fences to avoid damages and sudden mishaps. 
  • Put your pressure washer in a safe area especially away from children.
  • Read  the rules and manual of the pressure washer before starting so that it will be easy for you to operate and avoid sudden mistakes.


Fence Power Washing

  1. Apply solution on the wood fences

Before starting to pressure wash your wood fences, apply some cleaning solution on your wood fence area. This will amke it easier to clean and remove the mold and stains that stick to your wood fences. Let the cleaning solutions stay on and soak for at least 10 minutes until the dirt around starts to fade. 


  1. Spray off your wood fences with a pressure washer

Once the cleaning solution has soaked up for at least 10 minutes, you are now ready to use the pressure washer. Use a 25-degree nozzle spray to spray off all the cleaning solution that remains on your wood fences. 

Note: Continue to work on your fence sections with  your pressure washer by doing it in sections. That way, all the dirt and stains can easily be washed out and it will not be skipped. It is best to cover 1 to 2 boards at the time so that your pressure washing on the wood fences is even and gutted. Rinse off with water after cleaning it with solution for best results. Do not over power your pressure washer because it might damage the wood fences, do it very gently and meticulously. 

Cleaning Of Wood Fence With Pressure Washer

About WashBuggy Pressure Washing

Many people do not have the equipment or time to take on power washing. If you are looking for a local company to take the work out of house work, you can experience a premier professional pressure washing service in Delaware with WashBuggy House Washing.  WashBuggy provides quality service and workmanship. For more questions, please check out our website Washbuggy today!


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Tips for Pressure Washing Your Cement Garage Floor

These days the garage is not just used to store your old boxes, furniture, and items or park your vehicles.  Garages can be used as an entertainment room, art studio, personal gym, and useful space for parties and events. Since the garage is the most widely used area between the outside and inside of the house, it can easily accumulate dirt, molds, and stains that can affect the cement floor. That is why pressure washing is a fantastic way to remove stains and mold and return your garage floor to a gleaming sparkle.

Brick Pressure Washing

Here are some tips on how to pressure wash your cement garage floor.

1. Choosing the right pressure for washing

Choosing the right pressure is very important especially based on how wide your garage is. If you have a spacious garage, you may need a higher-pressure washer to wash away the dirt but if you only have a small room, a less-pressure washer can be perfectly used on it. You also need to decide what type of nozzle you need to use, if you have an oversized garage a wide-angle nozzle is excellent for covering wide spaces while a narrow-angle nozzle is perfect for a tight small garage floor.

Cobble Driveway Washing

2. Sweep up the garage floor debris

Before starting to pressure wash your cement garage floor, sweep up first the floor and pick up any debris that can cause hazards while doing the pressure washing. After sweeping, look for the dirt, mold, grease, and oil spots on your cement garage floor and pretreat them in preparation for your pressure washing.

Cleaning Broom On The Floor

3. Cover up your furniture

Pressure washing can be messy so it’s better to cover your furniture or other items that you don’t want to get wet to avoid any damage. It is vital to cover any outlets to prevent any short circuits.

4. Safety Precautions

Before starting to pressure wash your cement garage floor, always remember safety precautions to avoid any hazards or other accidents because pressure washing is a challenging job. Pressure washers (machines) can be dangerous so it’s better to stay away from children and wear safety gear for protection.

5. Set up the degreaser

The garage floor can accumulate dirt and stains if it isn’t cleaned for a long time, so you need to prepare some degreaser to use as a cleaning solution. Many degreasers are available in stores, but you can make your own degreaser by mixing some soap or detergent and water. You can put your degreaser in the soap tank of your pressure washer, but if it doesn’t apply to your equipment, you can put it in a bottle and pour it directly into your cement garage floor. Wait for at least 10 minutes before using the pressure washer so that it can remove all the stains and mold on the floor.

6. Choosing the right pressure washer machine

There are two kinds of pressure washers: A gas-powered pressure washer and an electric pressure washer. Gas pressure washers are much stronger, this is better for the cement garage floor. However, do not use a gas pressure washer in an enclosed area because it can be deadly, always keep the door open to avoid sudden accidents and damages. An electric pressure washer is suitable if an outlet is available, and the floor is not really dirty. If there is less dirt and stains, an electric pressure washer is perfect for your garage floor. Be sure to read the instruction first before using them, to be aware of how to use them properly. There are certain scenarios that lead to hazards and damage without reading and following the instructions. So, it’s better to be aware and knowledgeable to avoid sudden mishaps.

Cleaning Garden Equipment.

Now that you have prepared the equipment and know the safety precautions, let us take a look at how to pressure wash your cement garage floor.

It’s important to know the proper procedure when pressure washing starting indoors to outdoor so that you can rinse all the stains and molds inside of your cement garage floor. Spray outwardly towards the door so that all the dirty water can easily go outside and it will not be pushed and maintained inside of your cement garage floor. Begin first with the lower pressure and increase it if it is needed especially if the mold or dirt is sticky and cannot be removed by lower pressure. Use a wide-angle spray pattern and spray back and forth until all the grease is removed little by little. Do not stay in a place for too long because it can damage your cement garage floor.

What PSI should be used for pressure washing the cement garage floor? In general, a suitable PSI for pressure washing the cement garage floor is 3000 PSI. This is the right PSI for cleaning and using the pressure washer so that it can easily remove all the stains, molds, and dirt on your cement garage floor. If the PSI is too low it cannot clean well and if you use too much PSI it will lead to certain damage on your cement garage floor. That is why it’s better to be knowledgeable enough before using the pressure washer for you to be able to know how to handle it properly.

About Wash Buggy Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can be very challenging, it takes a lot of time and effort as well as strength to use a pressure washer. If you don’t have the time or proper equipment consider using a professional company instead like Wash Buggy Pressure Washing.

Take the work out of housework! Experience great service from Premier Professional Pressure Washing Service in Delaware. No time to do house washing? Set an appointment now so that you can experience the best work from a professional pressure washer that will get your house clean and dirt-free. Quality service for quality customers.


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What To Look for When Hiring a Pressure House Washing Company

Cleaning is part of our daily household chores. It eliminates germs along with dirt, stains, and molds that stay inside the house. But there are certain instances where you cannot clean regularly due to work and other duties. That is why pressure washing is one of the best solutions to achieve and maintain cleanliness in one application only. Pressure washing with Wash Buggy House Pressure Washing Company helps people struggling to maintain cleanliness and provides quality professional service.

Working With High Pressure Cleaner

If you are planning to hire a pressure washer, here are some tips to follow on what to look for when hiring a pressure house washing company like  Wash Buggy House Pressure Washing Company.

Tips to Follow When Hiring a Pressure Washing Company

1. Look for a company that offers different types of services

Before reaching out, complete some background research about the company and what services they offer. You should also look for a company that has plenty of experience and you can ask for some recommendations from others. Checking out online reviews is a great way to find a professional, skilled company with a great reputation.

2. Make sure that the pressure washing company has an office or a telephone number that can be reached anytime

When hiring a pressure house washing company, always consider and look for clear contact information, and a prominent online and physical presence. Wash Buggy House Pressure Washing Company, has an office as well as clearly posted telephone and email contact information. Nowadays you need to be careful, there are scammers everywhere, they will identify themselves as a professional pressure washer but, they are scammers who ask for money and do not complete the job. It’s better to do your research using a local company like Wash Buggy recommended by others so that you know that it is legit and offers the best quality service.

Dialing Telephone Keypad

3. Cost of Quality Clean

Remember that you are paying for professional services so be ready for the cost. We’ve all heard the saying “you get what you pay for “and quality service expects a higher amount charged. Professional companies use higher-end equipment and efficient employees to do the job right the first time properly and carefully without causing damage. You should be wary of low-cost companies.

Wash Buggy House Pressure Washing Company offers professional services may it be commercial or residential at an affordable price suitable to everyone’s budget.

The Concept Of A Guarantee Of Quality Cleaning.

4. Guarantee

Another thing to consider if you are hiring a pressure house washing company is how the company guarantees their work. A reputable and professional company gives you a guarantee that they can provide services and clean your house right on time. They will provide a thorough job and have the dedication and attention to detail to remove all the stains and mold in every corner of your house.

5. Insurance and workers’ compensation

Pressure washing can very challenging and hazardous. Employees are working in challenging outdoor conditions, and extreme heights, and if untrained can damage your property with high-powered equipment. It is better to opt for a professional company with insurance and workers’ compensation.

House Patio Power Cleaning

6. Time Frame

We are all busy and you may not have time to stay at home when the pressure washing company arrives, so it’s better to talk and discuss the time and expectations ahead of time. Make sure that they are flexible when it comes to your schedule and they can accommodate your needs.

7. Cooperation

When hiring a pressure house washing company, it’s important to work with a company that is honest and transparent with you in all interactions, this shows their professionalism. If your chosen company doesn’t interact, keep you informed and follow instructions, it’s better to look for another company.

8. Customer Satisfaction

Before hiring a pressure house washing company, always read and look for the customer’s rating and satisfaction. You can see this on their website, and online review services. Carefully read and weigh their reviews, ratings, and comments to see what kind of services they are providing and their customer satisfaction rate. An absence of an online presence and customer feedback could be a sign to look for another pressure washing company. It’s better to invest in a professional and highly maintained company like  Wash Buggy House Pressure Washing because its reputation speaks for itself.

Close Up On Customer Man Hand Pressing On Smartphone Screen With Five Star Rating Feedback Icon And Press Level Good Rank For Giving Best Score Point To Review The Service , Technology Business Concept

About Wash Buggy Pressure Washing Company

Take the work out of housework! Experience great service from a Premier Professional Pressure Washing Service in Delaware. Set an appointment now to experience the best work from professional pressure washers that will get your house clean and dirt free. Quality service for quality customers. For more questions, please check the webpage and make your surroundings better through Wash Buggy House Cleaning.

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Pressure Washing – Dos and Don’ts

Pressure washing is one of those chores that can be hugely satisfying. Ever wonder how to clean the mess and stains on your home? Pressure washing may be the best tool to get the job done.

Cleaning Dirty Backyard Paving Tiles With Pressure Washer Cleaner.

Pressure washing uses a high-sprayed water spray tool and equipment to clean molds, dust, stains, and other dirt on your house, patio, deck, sidewalks, buildings, vehicles, and other surroundings. Wash Buggy Professionals have been providing power washing and house washing services throughout Delaware for years, helping homeowners clean up and add curb appeal. It’s a great plan to have Wash Buggy professionally clean these areas yearly for you and then you can easily maintain them yourself throughout the year by DIY house washing.

Our homes are a place for relaxation after a tiring day at work, a nice place to hang out with friends, and it can be a perfect spot for a fancy dinner and gathering.  Thus, having a clean and dirt-free house is also a great reflection of ourselves and makes us feel comfortable. House washing is one of the most common things that pressure washing can be used for. But not all pressure washing is the same, that is why it is better to know the Dos and Don’ts of pressure washing!

Since you are not a professional like Wash Buggy, use this list of dos and Don’ts so that your DIY pressure washing can be effective and fun in the comfort of your home and not cause damage!


  1. When pressure washing it is better to practice first before beginning your house washing. Why? So that you will use your time effectively and preferably you’ll know how to handle it properly. Pressure washing can be quite tough while using, that is why you need to practice first – Test the outlet tip and pressure in an open area to make sure you’re holding the equipment in a proper way and you have an idea of how forceful the pressure is. You don’t want to end up being soaked with water or losing control.


  1. If there are outdoor electronics like plugs, cover and tape them with water-resistant tape so that there’s no harm and it can avoid causing short circuits if wet. Nowadays, because we get too excited to use some tools and equipment, we tend to forget our safety. That is why it is better to check first our surroundings before we proceed so that there will be no damages or accidents that can be done because of our negligence.


  1. House washing is one of the most common things that pressure washing is used for, so try it first outside of your house and a low area. Start with the lowest pressure and work your way up. For pressure washers, power is gauged in pounds per square inch (PSI).  Pressure washing can be used as much as 3,000 to 4,000 PSI. Start with a lower PSI first so that it will be easy for you to adjust the power until it reaches its full force.


Tip: You can mix some cleaning solution on your pressure washers to complete your cleaning process and rinse it with water. It is better to use non-slip slippers/shoes because the mixture of soap and water can be too slick, and it may cause accidents.

Man Cleaning Red, Conrete Pavement Block Using High Pressure Water Cleaner. Paving Cleaning Concept

Now that you have learned some dos about pressure washing and house washing. Let us dodge the don’ts of pressure washing to complete our DIY house washing basics!


  • Don’t underestimate the power of pressure washing, the pressure itself can be harmful and may lead to damage. Be careful and mindful in using it. Don’t be too excited nor have fun in doing it because it may cause certain harm to you and the structures. It’s better to trust a professional like Wash Buggy to handle high areas and tough stains.


  • Don’t point it at animals or people. Remember you are dealing with high pressurized water, and it is not advisable to point it or use it towards animals or people because it may lead to certain accidents.


  • Don’t overspray and pay attention to avoid The pressure can cause damage to your siding and gutters and damage glass so is advisable to clean your windows with a cloth by hand.

Men Washing Garden Paths


About Wash Buggy Pressure Washing

Now, you know the dos and don’ts of pressure washing especially if you are planning to try DIY house washing in between Wash Buggy’s professional service. But always remember, it is better to seek a professional who knows how to use and handle such equipment. Wash Buggy has trained personnel with professional experience. Trying to save a few bucks can actually cause thousands of dollars in damages if you are not careful.

Take the work out of housework! Experience great service from Wash Buggy Pressure Washing and House Washing Service in Delaware. Quality service for quality customers. For more questions, please check the webpage and make your curb appeal better through Wash Buggy House Cleaning.



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Beginners Tips for Pressure Washing 101

One of our daily routines and constant household chores is to clean the house – sweeping the floor, wiping the glass windows, fixing the cabinets, and even trimming the grass and garden. Aside from cleaning the inside of your house, you also need to maintain cleanliness outside of your home. This can be exhausting and certain dirt and stains cannot be cleansed by splashing water or simply scrubbing it. Wash Buggy provides high-quality power washing cleaning services quickly and safely for residential homes of all sizes and surfaces. Often in between our services our clients want to utilize home pressure washing themselves to try to upkeep our results. Here are some pressure washing tips to help and guide you if you attempt this yourself in between our visits.


Rain Gutters Pressure Cleaning


Pressure Washing Tips

When do I need a pressure washer?

  • Pressure washers can help you to clean large areas especially outdoors like the house wall, patio, garage, streets, and even your car. But it doesn’t mean that if there are stains and filthy dirt around your house you really need to use this equipment. There are corresponding situations that need pressure washing and you need to be knowledgeable enough about how to use this because it can cause certain damages and accidents if it is not properly used.
  • Pressure washers are mainly used outdoors; you don’t need to use them inside of your home unless it is full of stinky molds that cannot be resolved by certain cleaning tools. We do not advise you to attempt this.
  • The pressure washer should not be used regularly. Regular use of high-powered equipment and chemicals but inexperienced homeowners can actually cause more damage.

What kind of pressure washer do I need?

  • There are two types of pressure washers: Gas and Electric. Gas pressure washers have more forceful pressure and are good for tough stains while Electric is good for less force and not that really rough dirt around it.
  • Pressure washers are associated with pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallon per minute (GPM). PSI tells you the force of the spray and (GPM) is the volume of water.
  • If you want an easy time saver as well for simple stains outside of your house that are not that greasy, a pressure washer with 2,000 PSI and 2 GPM is the perfect one. If you need some hardcore cleaning for tough stains 3,200 (PSI) and 3.2 GPM is needed.
  • The water on a pressure washer can be hot or cold, and also you can mix chemicals like soap or other cleaning solutions for more effective cleansing.

Pressure washing tip: Use non-slip slippers or shoes if you mix soaps, cleaning solutions, or chemicals on the water of your pressure washers to avoid slippery and injury because the mixture of both can be too slick and somehow stink


Roof Cleaning With High Pressure Washing

How to use a Pressure washer?

It is important to know some safety tips to avoid accidents and damage and what to expect if you try pressure washing.

  1. You need some safety gear for protection. This gear protects you from harm such as mistakenly spraying yourself especially if there are chemicals that mix on your pressure washer.
  2. Use both hands while spraying. The pressure washer force is not like a water hose.
  3. Don’t spray it on animals and people. It may cause harm and injuries especially if there are chemicals that are not appropriate for human beings and to animals. It may cause damage and accidents if you are not aware of how to use and handle the pressure washer.

What are the parts of the Pressure washer?

A Pressure washer is composed of six main parts: motor, pump, inlet, pressure hose, gun, and nozzle. These six main parts play an important role in the function of a pressure washer.

Motor: The motor or engine is designed to power the water pump.

Pump: This is the heart of a pressure washer and is designed to handle water flow as well as its force.

Inlet: A hose that connects the pressure washer to the main water supply.

Pressure hose: This is the tube that runs out from the washer to whatever cleaning attachment you’ve decided to use.

Gun:  A valve that lets the water go through only when you squeeze the handle.

Nozzle: A tip for spraying. It can widen as well as lessen the amount you sprayed depending on what surface you are cleaning.

About Wash Buggy Pressure Washing

Now that you have some beginner tips for pressure washing always remember, that it is better to seek a professional who knows how to use and handle such equipment. Wash Buggy has trained personnel with professional experience. Trying to save a few bucks can actually cause thousands of dollars in damages if you are not careful.

Take the work out of housework! Experience great service from Wash Buggy  Pressure Washing and House Washing Service in Delaware. Quality service for quality customers. For more questions, please check our website and make your curb appeal better through Wash Buggy House Cleaning!



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